Department of Technical Education and Information Technology

The origins of the Department of Technical Education and Information Technology date back to 1959, when one of the three departments of the former Pedagogical Institute in Olomouc was founded, the Department of Natural Sciences and Manufacturing.

At present the Department of Technical Education and Information Technology of Faculty of Education runs a Bachelor's degree study programme called the Basics of Technical Sciences and Information Technology for Education and a Master's de­gree programme, Teaching Technical Education and Informa­tion Technology for Secondary Schools and Lower Secondary Schools. These programmes must be combined with another study programme in a double major. The graduate programme provides a comprehensive, pro­fessionally oriented qualification which prepares the graduates for teaching classes, courses, seminars, or projects in the field of technical education, information education, and information technology.

The Department has well equipped facilities including lec­ture rooms and laboratories. The computer laboratories allow working with graphic and construction and design systems, programming, and web design. Further, there are laboratories of electrotechnics and electronics, where the students learn about the basics of electric and electronic circuits, construc­tion kits, measuring procedures and devices, including simu­lation systems and virtual tools. The technological laboratory conducts tests of qualities and analyses of structures of techni­cal materials. In workshops, students learn how to manually or mechanically treat wood and metal using modern wood and metal machine tools. Further, the work involves working with textile and paper which enables the students to learn aspects of other technical dimensions such as industrial design, hous­ing and interiors, and fashion. Students' products are then pre­sented as a part of Department collection. Within the study programme Education, for the major of technical and information education, the Department is involved in the administration of the doctorate viva voce ex­aminations (awarding the professional degree of PhDr.).

The Department is also involved in the preparation of doctoral students in the doctoral study programme Education since a number of students of the doctoral programme are focusing on technical and information education. The Department organizes an annual international confer­ence Trends in Technical Education and co-organizes DIDMAT­TECH conference. Since 2008, the Department publishes an international Journal of Technology and Information Educa­tion. The Department cooperates with partner departments in the Czech Republic and abroad. Within the Erasmus pro­gramme, there have been agreements signed with the Univer­sytet Rzeszowski in Poland, and the Slovak Technical Univer­sity in Slovakia.